No Saviors EP

by Heretic A.D.

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Written by Heretic A.D.
Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Miguel Ochoa (Ex Bermuda)
Album Artwork by Chris Mejia


released April 20, 2015

Miguel Ochoa



all rights reserved


Heretic A.D. Oxnard, California

We are Heretic A.D. from Oxnard Ca. If your into Aggressive, Brutal, Dark, Violent, Monstrous sound then we are the band you should check out this year. Please be on the look out for upcoming tour dates and our new EP 'Famine' coming out this year 2017 ... more

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Track Name: No Saviors
Where are your saviors now?

All of your prayers
All of your hopes and dreams
All of your lies
All of your blasphemies

Where are your saviors now?
Track Name: Pale Horse
She lay in her bed slowly rotting
He awoke to a pain in his chest
She prayed to her heavenly father
The blood was in his throat as he choked
Where was their savior?

Sat in a cold hallway
Heart racing what will the blood count say?
"Father why? Tell me why?"

You left your humble servant to rot from cancer
All she did was pray but you never answered
He felt his heart fail in his own bed
How can a father protect when he is dead?

Death had already touched his brother
Now he worries who'll protect his sons and their mother

We are disappointment
We are disgrace
I hope your god is real so I can spit in his face
Track Name: Ghost Whispers
I awoke to the pain of knives embedded so deep they're only phantom pains
I live my life in the shadow of an other, buried beneath doubt and self disgust

"Can you see me now? Can you hear me now?"
The acrid sting of disappointment
Day in, day out

I'll never be like you
I'll never be like them
I'll never be like you

Ghost whispers, "You fool, failure,
I hope this kills you
I hope it kills you"

I'll make you choke on every word you said
I hope it kills you, I hope it kills you
Track Name: Harbinger
Chewed up and spit out
Left in a ditch to die
I crawled my way out of this hell
Tooth and nail
Battered and broken

You tried to kill me and bury me in lies
But I too twisted for hell to take me
I spat in your God's face when he tried to save me

I am the fear you can never shake
I am the misery you will forever know

I bring this Hell on Earth

I'd rather rot in a hole
Bury me six feet deep closer to hell
I'd rather rot in a hole
Than see your face again
Track Name: Lazarus
I felt the weight of the world fall down on me
And though my body lay broken I refused to die
My heart feebly tried to force blood back through these scars

The descent, the fall from grace
Is the hardest part of the journey we call life
All that I love lies broken in my hands

I wander endlessly forever seeking that warmth and light
That I called home

Take the knife from my back
The same that slit my throat
Cut the deadweight from my broken form

You took from me everything
Despite all the tears and blood I shed in your name

Like Lazarus I've risen from the dead
Like Lazarus I refuse to die

Where are your saviors now?